Artist Statement

Sookie Brarou (BE, 1994) is a Brussels-based artist and engineer, working in the fields of collage and light.

Her collage process involves working with stock photos that are digitally or manually manipulated, with an attention to scale, color, and composition. By skillfully reworking the image fragments, she creates minimal works that evoke a sense of onirism.

Alongside her collage practice, she has previously worked as a lighting designer for ACTLD and shares her knowledge of lighting design as a guest professor at Vrije Universiteit Brussel. She also takes on freelance projects that allow her to explore her passion for light and its potential to enhance artistic expression.

Sookie’s love for light is evident in her collage compositions, where she often incorporates starry skies to create otherworldly atmospheres. She invites viewers to question their own perspectives on reality and consider the myriad ways in which we construct and deconstruct the world around us. 




Master’s Degree in Architectural Engineering, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium.


Collective exhibition <Art Lover Ground> at Arteria BCN, Barcelona, Spain.

Collective exhibition <Next Generation, Please! > at Bozar, Brussels, Belgium.

Album cover project <Fine Wind Clear Morning> for G.Sav.

Award of the Best Artist of the Year at <2018 GAMMA Young Artist Competition: Global Landscape of Sustainable Art> Tokyo, Japan.

Publication in <Thalia Magazine>, September/October 2018 issue.

Collective exhibition <Monitor Fest> at Athena Factory> Heraklion, Greece.

Postcards project for the promotion of <Monitor Fest> at Athena Factory Heraklion, Greece.

Collective exhibition <International Invited Exhibition> at Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea.

Publication in <Access Magazine Korea>, 2018  Gamma Young Artist Competition special issue.


Honorable Mention Award in the Digital and Photography category at <Fusion Art 2nd Annual Women Artists Art Exhibition>.

Collective exhibition of the <VeniceLands Art Prize> finalists, Treviso, Italy.

Solo exhibition <We Art Ixelles> Brussels, Belgium.

Finalists’ collective exhibition at  <Visual Art Open 2019 Awards> Chester, UK.

Partnership with <OneFrame> Brussels, Belgium.


Solo exhibition at <Happy Days Ixelles> Brussels, Belgium.

Collective exhibition at <Concept Store Gallery> La Baule, France.

Collective exhibition at <Concept Store Gallery> Paris, France.

Solo online exhibition at <Obition> Seoul, South Korea.


Collective exhibition at <Balthasar> Brussels, Belgium.

Wintergloed, Bruges Light Festival with <ACTLD> Bruges, Belgium.


Collective exhibition at <The Nine> Brussels, Belgium.

Unholy Light 2022 at <M Museum> Leuven, Belgium.


Collective exhibition <Femme Fame> Brussels, Belgium.

Book illustration project <La Couverture> in collaboration with Oriane Philippe.