Philemon & Baucis

The Philemon and Baucis myth is an ancient Greek tale about an elderly couple who showed hospitality to the gods Zeus and Hermes, who were disguised as mortals. As a reward for their kindness, the couple was granted their wish to never be separated and were transformed into trees upon their death, growing together as a symbol of their love.

Sookie Brarou created an illustration project that captured the essence of this timeless story. The project consisted of 12 digital collages, each depicting a scene from the tale. In addition to the illustrations, each scene was accompanied by a reworked text, prepared by mythology enthusiast Christophe Callant.

To showcase the project, the 12 illustrations were printed on 80x80cm plexiglass panels. The use of plexiglass brought a modern addition to the illustrations while maintaining their traditional storytelling roots.

The project was exhibited at Balthasar Brussels, an art gallery known for its support of emerging artists and innovative projects. The exhibition provided viewers with an opportunity to rediscover the timeless myth of Philemon and Baucis through the interpretation of the artist.

With its both abstract and figurative language, this project encourages us to reflect on the enduring values that have guided humanity for millennia.