Riquiqui Coupe Coupe

“Riquiqui Coupe Coupe” is a committed illustration project created in collaboration with storyteller Oriane Philippe. This project narrates the story of a young girl who discovers a way to address global inequality through a dream. The story is aimed at young audiences and is intended to make complex topics more accessible.

The illustrations in “Riquiqui Coupe Coupe” are a beautiful blend of abstraction and figurative art. They are minimalistic, leaving enough room for the audience’s imagination to fill in the gaps. The project is ongoing, with an expected completion date in November 2023. The book will be available in libraries, bookshops, and schools, and Oriane Philippe herself will tell the story to small audiences during specific events.

The message of “Riquiqui Coupe Coupe” is powerful and timely, especially in today’s world where global inequality is a pressing issue. The story shows that even the smallest voice can make a difference by taking action and inspiring others to do the same. The project is an excellent example of how storytelling and illustration can come together to create a powerful message that resonates with audiences of all ages.